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Petitions and Complaints

What is a civil petition and complaint?

Civil petitions are residents’ opinions, hopes and ideas for improvement in relation to county affairs as well as their demand for indemnification of infringement of their rights or interest and correction of public servants’ correction, etc., and the petitions shall be submitted in the form of document with the introduction by a member of the council. The petitions are not accepted when they contain the matters that may have an impact on a trial or that go against the law.

Petition/complaint handling procedure

  • Submitting a petition form
    Write the name and address of the petitioner on the form and sign it.
  • Receiving a petition
  • Refer it to the competent special committee for deliberation
    If requested by the competent special committee or the plenary session, the council member who introduces the petition shall explain the purpose of the petition.
    At the time when it is decided that there is no need to refer the matter to the plenary session, such a result shall be reported to the chairperson, and the council member shall notify the petitioner of the result.
  • Adoption (to be decided at the plenary session)
  • Transfer
    Transfer the petitions that need to be handled by the county mayor to the mayor with the letter of opinion on a petition attached
  • Reporting
    The county mayor shall report the results of handling of petitions to the local council as soon as possible.
  • Notification

Petitions/Complaints Filing Process

  • Buyeo-gun Council receives and deals with complaints on county affairs and council affairs.
    • What can be submitted : Complaints, Suggestion, Pleading, Appeals
    • How to submit the forms : By mailing them or visiting the office
    • Place of submission : The secretariat office of Buyeo-gun Council
  • A petition/complaint is not accepted in the following cases:
    • A person who tries to impact the result of a trial
    • The message that is insulting to the president of the country
    • The latter complaint form submitted when a single person files the same complaint twice or more.
    • The complaint form where the address or name of a petitioner (or a representative of multiple petitioners) or details of the complaint are not clearly stated.
  • The petitions/complaints field will be classified and processed as follows:
    • Transfer to the executive agency
    • Refer the matter to the competent special committee
  • Handling period
    • Within 30 days of receiving a petition/complaint
  • Handling process
    • Petitioner
    • Receiving
    • Classification Statistics
    • Handling

※ Contact information : the Secretariat office of Buyeo-gun Council 041)830-2735