Buyeo-gun Council Pursues On-the-Spot Communication and Safety

Chairperson’s Office

Chairman of the Buyeo-gun Council Jin Gwangsik picture

Chairman of the Buyeo-gun Council Jin Gwangsik

Greetings to you all. Welcome to the official website of the Buyeo-gun Council.
Dear fellow residents, I am Jin Gwangsik, Chairperson of the Buyeo Gun Council.

The newly launched 8th Buyeo Gun Council will strive to build a county council that humbly listens to the voice of county residents to connect with them; that abides by the rules and regulations; and that meets the expectations of county residents through mature council activities that will drive the development of our county.

In addition, I and all members of the Buyeo Gun Council will do our utmost to establish a trusted council by demonstrating servant leadership through which all our council members will dedicate ourselves to serving our fellow residents.

I would like to ask for your continuous support and interest, and I wish health and happiness for all county residents and their families.

Thank you.