Buyeo-gun Council Pursues On-the-Spot Communication and Safety

Audit of Administrative Affairs

Audit and Investigation of Administrative Affairs

The council can conduct administrative work inspection of the executive agency for up to 9 days during the two regular sessions of every year, and as for specific matters in need of further examination, the council can conduct investigation of such matters by proposing a motion by the j oint signature of at least one-third of the registered members of the council and passing it in a plenary session.
If necessary, the council can conduct on-the-spot inspection, request submission of documents, and summon the county mayor, relevant public servants or other personnel related to the work to have them testify under oath as witnesses or to ask them to make comments as references. A person who gives false testimony can be charged with perjury, and a person who is summoned but fails to show up or refuses to testify without any justifiable reason can be fined up to KRW 5 million.
The county mayor or relevant public servants may be summoned to a council session or a committee meeting to report the current status of the administrative work in question, make comments or answer questions.

The scope of work subject to inspection/investigation

  • Administrative Affairs Subject to Audit/Investigation
    • Administrative affairs of local autonomous government agencies as described in Local Autonomy Law Article 9
    • National administrative affairs authorized to Buyeo-gun or the mayor of Buyeo-gun, and the administrative affairs of the Chungcheongnam-do government except for those that are subject to direct audit by the national parliament, or the hungcheongnam-do council.
  • Restrictions on the Audit/Investigation
    • Audit/investigation should not be carried out intending to interfere in a case that is under police investigation, or court proceedings, or that would violate an individual’s privacy.