Buyeo-gun Council Pursues On-the-Spot Communication and Safety

Budget Deliberation

What is a budget?

  • The Budget is the amount of money designated for the Buyeo-gun government to use in serving its residents for the year.
  • A budget plan is set by the mayor, and deliberated on then finalized by the county council. The mayor has to ask for council’s approval on the settlement of accounts after the budget plans have been executed.
  • The Council deliberates and examines the budget plans closely so that taxpayers’ money will be spent more appropriately.

Budget proposal deliberation process

  • Developing and submitting budget proposals (by the county mayor)
    To be submitted by 40 days before the beginning of the fiscal year
  • Deliberation (Special Committee on Budget and Accounts)
    • The council is not allowed to increase the amount allotted for any budget item or add new items of expenditure without the consent of the county mayor.
    • After submission of the budget proposal, the county mayor may develop and submit a revised budget proposal if this is needed for unavoidable reasons.
  • Deliberation and decision-making (plenary session)
    To be completed by 10 days before the beginning of the fiscal year. The chairperson sends the budget proposal passed by a vote to the county mayor within three days for confirmation
  • Confirmation

Account approval procedure

  • Request for approval
    • The county mayor shall complete the balance sheet within 80 days after the deadline for closing accounts.
    • Attach the inspection report written by the account inspector selected by the local council, and request the county council’s approval of the accounts
  • Confirm whether the budget was executed legally and appropriately based on the proposal approved by the council
    Deliberation (Special Committee on Budget and Accounts)
  • Deliberation Decision-making Approval (Plenary session)
    • The approval of the settlement of accounts is conducted through the post-action control of income and expenditure for one fiscal year and can be completed only by undergoing the approval process of the local council.
    • Budget already executed cannot be nullified or canceled, but it can be used as future reference for efficient operation of the county budget.